Saturday, November 28, 2009

Macross Chronicle 36, 37 and 38

Posted over at the Macross Frontier blog was the announcement of the release of issues 36, 37 and 38 of the Macross Chronicle. The Macross Chronicles are a series of magazines that gives further detail into the workings of the Macross Universe. From the people, to the mecha to the every day workings of life in the Macross Universe. Whatever is mentioned here can be considered as being "Official."

Macross Chronicle #36 is scheduled to be released by November 26th. A preview of the articles found in it are:

Included in the issue is a poster of the Macross Frontier Movie that was first shown in theaters last November 21.

Macross Chronicle 36, 37 and 38 Macross Frontier Movie Posterm36_poster.jpg

Mechanic Sheet will feature the MBR-07-Mk Ⅱ Spartan from the original Macross Series.

Macross Chronicle 36, 37 and 38 Mechanic Sheet: MBR-07-Mk Ⅱ Spartan (Macross)

Character Sheet will feature primary antagonist in the Macross 7 Series: Lord Gepernitch.

Macross Chronicle 36 Lord Gepernitch

Mechanic Sheet will feature the SDF-1 Macross from the original series.


Character sheet will feature Sheryl Nome, the Intergalactic Fairy of Macross Frontier. Sheryl Nome is voiced by Aya Endo in the anime while the singing voice is done by May'n.


Technology sheet will feature the defense mechanisms of the Variable fighters of Macross. When you think about it, prior to Macross Plus, the VF's of Macross were never designed with any arm shields on them. Then come Macross Frontier, the shield had evolved to the point that they even have a pin-point barrier energy field reinforcing them.


Meanwhile, Macross 37 will be released this December 10, 2009. A preview of the pages show that a feature for its Mechanic Sheet will be the Joint Force transport aircrafts found in Macross.

Joint Force transport aircrafts

History Sheet will have the First Interstellar War as depicted in the Macross:Do You Remember Love? movie


Then also the Noputi Baganisu 5631 class of Zentradi ships found in the Macross -Do You Remember Love Movie

Noputi Baganisu 5631 class of Zentradi shipsm37_mecha_ura.jpg

For the technology sheet, it will feature the EX-Gear system used by the pilots of SMS in Macross Frontier. The Ex-Gear augments the movements of the Variable Fighter pilots and allows them to survive excessive G Forces. Aside from that it gives them the capability to fly via a flight pack that comes with the Ex Gear exoskeleton.

m37_techno_omote.jpgEX-Gear system

Mechanic Sheet will feature the VF-11B Thunderbolt. This is the primary VF of the Macross 7 fleet.


Character sheet will be for the Jamming Birds of Macross 7. The Jamming Birds were a group of volunteers that was tasked to sing in battle in order to affect the enemy, like what Fire Bomber does. What the military failed to grasp was that it was the Anima Spiritia energy generated by a type of singer that was affecting the protodevlin.


The military even set up an event where civilians could go up to audition in front of a panel of judges. Mayor Milia Falynna-Jenius caused quite a commotion because she joined to audition and wore a bathing suit.

One of the Jamming Birds, Bobby Lacoste, was voiced by Arihiro Hase. He was the same seiyuu who voiced main Macross protagonist, Hikaru Ichijo. Tragically though the Arihiro Hase took his own life.

Macross Chronicle # 38 will be released on the 26th of December, 2009. Sample of the articles are, for the mechanic sheet, an article on the Zentradi ships found in the Macross Do You Remember Love movie.

Macross Chronicle 36, 37 and 38 m38_mecha_zentraedi.jpg

Character sheet of Macross Chronicle 38 will feature Meltrandi Ace Pilot, Milia 639. Not sure what the 639 means, but it could be her clone number since the Zentradi/Meltrandi cloned themselves in order to increase their numbers.

Macross Chronicle 36, 37 and 38 Mila 639

Character sheet will also have primary antagonist of the Macross DYRL? movie Golg Boddole Zer


Mechanic sheet will feature the escort ships of Macross Frontier


Then there is also Mechanic sheet for the Super Valkyries


There will also be a mechanic sheet for the Destroids of Macross DYRL.

Macross Chronicle 38 Mechanic Sheet

World Guide will feature the Protodevlin of Macross 7

Macross Chronicle 38 World Guide Protodevlin

Some production data of Macross Frontier will also be made available

Macross Chronicle 38 World Guide Protodevlin