Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amiami accepting SAL Shipping

Amiami accepting SAL ShippingAmiami just announced that they are doing a test run on "SAL Registered" shipping due to user requests. This is a few days after launching their English site. The catch though is that on top of the normal SAL fee there will be a 700 yen handling fee. To procedure for requesting for SAL shipping is to write "Request for SAL Registered shipping if possible" during the order process. Some countries such as Korea and Taiwan do not have SAL shipping.

Amiami trial run on SAL Shipping

"SAL Registered" shipping is different than normal SAL shipping. I am assuming that this comes with a tracking number as I have experienced some items that I have shipped via SAL having tracking numbers given to me. I can only track however the package till the part it gets shipped out of Japan. To track Registered SAL packages from Japan, you can use the similar method used to track EMS packages from Japan.

Thank You Amiami!