Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tamiya RC Car Product videos of the 80's

Tamiya RC Car Product videos of the 80'sThis sure brought back some memories, watching Tamiya RC Car product videos from the eighties. I remember a friend lending to me his video tape that had these. I'm not even sure if these can even be considered as commercials because they don't look like the type that could be broadcast on tv's short 30 second format. They look more like those type of videos that were displayed in Hobby Conventions.

This is the 1/10 scale Hot Shot, the first 4WD electric buggy ever released by Tamiya. It's 4WD capability was due to a shaft that powered the front wheels. I remember that it was immensely popular and beat the 2WD buggies hands down due to the additional speed and handling benefits brought about by its all wheel drive. I remember that from this chassis, other Tamiya 4WD buggies were based from it. Like the low-end Boomerang, the Hotshot II, the Supershot and the Super Sabre. There was another one that I'm forgetting the name, it was sort of a 10th anniversary edition released in 1986. It had a bathtub frame and its body was designed by a famed Japanese designer...gaaah, its at the tip of my tongue and I'm forgetting it... hehehe
Update 10/23/2009: I suddenly remembered that it was called the Big Wig

Anyway here's some other videos of Tamiya RC's that preceded the Hotshot.

The Frog


If I remember correctly, the Grasshopper was supposed to have been a entry level kit. I think it sported a 380 electric motor instead of the standard 540. Its shocks were also lousy and not fit for competition. But for parents who want to introduce their kids to the RC hobby.

The Lunch Box came out after the Hotshot. It was in 1/12 scale and this along with its other siblings heralded the arrival of monster trucks. I remember the Black Foot, the midnight pumpkin and the very monstrous Clod Buster.