Saturday, October 24, 2009

Macross Chronicle 34 and 35

According to the Official MacrossF blog, issue no. 34 of the Macross Chronicle will be available by October 29, 2009 while issue no. 35 will be available by November 12. A glimpse of what's inside shows:

Mechanic Sheet will have some information on the VF-17 Nightmare of Diamond Force. The default color is dark blue, but there is a red variant because Miria Falynna-Jenius commandeered Lt. Kinryuu's Nightmare for herself and adorned it with her colors when City 7 got separated from Battle 7 in the Macross 7 series. Lt Kinyruu got injured in the ensuing rescue operation.

VF-17 Nightmare from Macross 7m34_nightmare.jpg

Also included is information on the Zentradi Army Pods.

Macross Chronicle 34 Zentradi Pods

Character sheet features the dreaded 33rd Marine Fleet that was stationed at Galia 4 in the Macross Frontier series.


Also featured is Ranka Lee, Songstress of Hope, from the Macross Frontier series.

Macross Chronicle 34 Ranka Leem34_chara_ranka2.jpg

History Sheet will talk about the first transformation of Battle 7 from the Macross Seven series.

first transformation of Battle 7 from the Macross Seven

World Guide will discuss about life on the Macross Frontier fleet.

World Guide Macross Frontier from Macross Chronicle 34m34_worldguide2.jpg

There was also a sneak peak of Macross Chronicle 35, which is slated to go on sale on Nov. 12

Mecha sheet of issue 35 will feature the VF-1A, the cannon fodder and entry level variant of the VF-1 Valkyrie


Character sheet will feature Gavil, a protodevlin antagonist from the Macross 7 series. It was explained in the Macross 7 series that the gigantic Grabil and miniscule Gavil are actually one being that was separated into two independent forms. This kinda explains why Gavil can never be seen that far from Grabil and why it effects Gavil so much whenever any harm comes to Grabil.

Macross Chronicle 35 Gavil the protodevlinm35_chara_gavil.jpg

Mechanic Sheet will have the FBz-99G Zaubageran.


Character sheet will feature the bridge bunnies of Macross Quarter in the Macross Frontier series (Monica, Mina and Lam)


World Guide will feature the earth.