Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hobby Search to Accept Paypal Payments

Hobby Search to Accept Paypal Payments
Update 04/02/2010:Hobby Search once again announces that their Paypal Service is back up and are offering a sale to go in line with it. I hope that wasn't an April Fools' joke *snicker*

Update 11/19/2009:Spoke too soon. Turns out that there is a problem with Hobby Search and Paypal, so they had to cancel all orders that were to be paid via paypal. Of course, since I was in one of the banned countries that Hobby Search will only allow to pay via paypal, shopping is officially stopped for me till their troubles are fixed.

Hobby Search Now Accepting Paypal and removes ban on select countries

Hobby Search Japan announced that they will soon be accepting payments via Paypal. Because of which also they will also stop selling stuff not suitable to minors starting November 4, 2009. No doubt as a result of the addition of the Paypal service in their site, since Paypal is very strict as to the type of things their merchants can sell using their payment gateway.

I would recommend using Paypal as the means to pay for one's purchases online. That's because you don't have to leave your credit card details with the merchant whenever you transact using Paypal.

In line with this, I wonder if they will begin unblocking some countries that they imposed an embargo on? This is due to credit card troubles of past would-be buyers. Paypal is very strict in allowing users to sign up to use their service, so in effect it would be a good indicator to a merchant that the person they are transacting with has the capacity to pay for the product.

If that is so, I would sure love to purchase some stuff from them because of their vast amounts of inventory, their price and especially because of their points system. Yep, unluckily my country is included in the list of countries that they do not sell too.

Right now, my favorite online store to shop from is HWJapan due to the model kit sale they currently have going and the points system they have in place.