Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gundam and Bandai Model kits on Sale at HWJapan

Gundam and Bandai Model kits on Sale at HWJapanJust in case you haven't heard about it yet, HWJapan has been a having a sale on their Gundam and Model Kits. Some of these items can go as low as 30% off. And the great thing about it is that the sale isn't limited to just specific kits, even the newer kits are covered by the sale. I noticed however that the Macross Model kits weren't going as low as the Gundam model kits, still, compared to its original selling price it is quite low.

And the great thing about it also, aside from the low price, is that you still get to earn points with your discounted purchases.

After purchasing from their site I just had to do a second purchase right away because I feared that they might run out of stock of the kits I wanted. Great time to go gift shopping too, in order to avoid the Christmas rush.

I wonder if the 30% discount on Gundam kits is because of the 30th Anniversary of the Gundam franchise?, or is it just a mere coincidence?