Monday, October 26, 2009

1/100 Rick Dias Quattro Bajeena MG Assembly

Started building already the 1/100 Rick Dias from Bandai that arrived for me recently. I was able to jump right in the contruction phase because the translation of the Rick Dias manual to English took a lot quicker than I had expected since there weren't a lot of stuff to translate with regards to building instructions.

1/100 Rick Dias Quatro Bajeena MG Assembly from Bandai

I had already finished with the 1/72 VF-25G Messiah from Bandai that I was initially building, all that was left to do was decal it. I have to confess though that I was overwhelmed by the amount of decals that had to be put on, so I decided to forego it in the meantime and do instead something less stressful, which was to build the Rick Dias. I will decal it though, when I have the proper mindset already for that more difficult task.

For colors I had on hand Pylox Fire Red, Flat Black and Metallic Graphite. Since I am without airbrush, I got the closest color instead to what was referred to in the Rick Dias' Color Guide. Those colors that I don't have and were not available (e.g. Brown and Light Grey), I decided to just hand paint over with Acrylic based Future floor wax. This time there was no top coat of Future and cleaning of the parts with soapy water, I just dived right down to the building. Also I used the spray head from a GSI Creos Gundam Spray in place of the original spray head that came with the Pylox Spray in order to have a good and thin mist pattern that doesn't come out thick.

Here is a shot of the assembled torso. I experimented with using clear coat from Pylox to coat the areas without paint and I have to say that it came out not what I was expecting. If you notice, the brown chest armor comes out rough and patchy with a coat of clear. Compare that to the head, which was just coated with Future, its much smoother. Then again, I guess its up to your preference on what type of surface you want. I'm thinking that its not a total loss because if in case I want a rough surface, I can just coat it with the clear coat.

1/100 Rick Dias Quatro Bajeena MG Assembly from Bandai

The Rick Dias Quattro Bajeena variant gives you the option to build it as a Quattro version or as a Generic version with the interchanging of some parts, this build I decided to go with the Quattro version.

Here's a shot of the main hip without its armor. I decided to paint the internal parts Metallic Graphite. The metallic line series of paint by Pylox is about $1 more expensive than the regular paints, but its worth it because it does look nice. This too was painted without any Future painted on top of it as a primer. The paint does seem to be a bit thicker than the regular paint from Pylox. Because of which I had to file down the paint that had accumulated on the posts so that it can connect with its opposite hole.

1/100 Rick Dias Quatro Bajeena MG Assembly Metallic Graphite painted torso

Here's a shot of the assembled and painted Clay Bazooka of the Rick Dias. This was painted with Pylox Flat Black and without any Future Floorwax as a primer. There are some paint splatters, not unlike the original GSI Creos Gundam paints, due to uneven spray flow but its not quite noticeable from afar.

1/100 Rick Dias Quatro Bajeena MG Assembly Clay Bazooka

Here's a current shot of the 5 minute spray booth that I built a while back.

1/100 Rick Dias Quatro Bajeena MG Assembly Spray Booth

It's been quite useful. And judging from the amount and variety of paint on it, if it could talk it would probably have a lot of stories to tell with regards to mis-paints due to the stupidity and the curse words that ensued. Good thing the spray paints are forgiving, so all I had to do was sand paper off the paint and start again.

1/100 Rick Dias Quatro Bajeena MG Assembly

I'm thinking of building another spray booth because I can get things done quicker with another spray area, materials is not a problem when it comes to this spray booth because I have some more scrap box materials to make a spray booth with that came with the Rick Dias.

Will post again soon with more updates on this build.