Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Baroness Action Figure

The Baroness Action Figure: kneeling position
After tackling the top brass of Cobra, we head on down to middle management. The Baroness, intelligence officer and sometime 2nd in command of the Cobra organization. The Baroness is not just a pretty face with a self made title, she really is aristocracy. In the comic book series by Marvel Comics, the Baroness entered into the world of terrorism and the Cobra organization after mistakenly thinking that the Americans were responsible for the death of her relative.

The Baroness Action Figure: detailed chest shot
According to the Marvel Comic book series, she is one of the few people who know how Cobra Commander and Destro look like under their masks. With Destro its because they are lovers. In the "Fred" episode she allied herself with a Crimson Guardsman of the "Fred" series who sought to install himself as Cobra Commander after his disappearance. The Baroness, seeing a chance to place herself in power in the Cobra organization, "confirmed" that Fred was indeed Cobra Commander.

The Baroness action figure is a good depiction of how "hardcore" she is to organization, right down to the cobra's on her gloves.
The Baroness Action Figure: cobra gloves
Included weapon with the action figure is a scope equipped rifle that seems to be of unknown origin. Metal stock in place of wood, it resembles to me the Dragunov sniper rifle of the Russian army.
The Baroness Action Figure: Sniper Rifle

Single piece backpack with Cobra figure at the back.
The Baroness Action Figure: Cobra Backpack
Non detachable side pistol on the right leg.
The Baroness Action Figure: pistol
Like the Cobra Commander and Destro figure, the head of the Baroness can only move left and right and cannot pivot up and down.
The Baroness Action Figure: going out for a walk with my sniper rifle