Friday, September 25, 2009

Macross Chronicle 31, 32 and 33

It was announced last week at the Macross Frontier Blog that Macross Chronicle Magazine No. 31 was already on sale.

Macross Chronicle 31 will feature the Quadluun Row from the Macross SDF1 series in its Mechanic Sheet portion. I'm actually confused with the Quadluun series of mecha with regards to what the last three letters of its name are. Some articles refer to it as Quadluun Rau (used by female Zentradi in Macross SDF1) while others Quadluun Rea (Macross Frontier's Clan Clan's mecha). Now in the very Official Macross Chronicle that gives further explanation to the series, they refer to it as Quadluun Row... weird. I'm inclined to think that its just a typo and that it should really be spelled as Rau.
Macross Chronicle 31: Quadluun Row

One character sheet will feature Macross 7 Bridge Operators Miho Miho and Sally Ford.
Macross Chronicle 31 Sally Ford and Miho Miho

While another will feature the military personnel in the original Macross SDF1 Series
Macross Chronicle 31: Macross SDF1 military personnel

The Technology Sheet will feature the development of the Variable Fighters (VF) in Macross
Macross Chronicle 31 Technology Sheet

Along with that was a sneak preview on Macross Chronicle 32 which was going on sale on Oct 1, 2009.

The Mechanic Sheet of Macross Chronicle 32 will feature the unmanned A.I. AIF-7S Ghost fighters of Luca Angeloni from Macross Frontier
Macross Chronicle 32: AIF-7S Ghost Fighters
History sheet will discuss Operation Stargazer of Macross 7. This was the military assault on the protodevlin stronghold in the Varauta star system by military personnel of Macross 7 under the command of Maximillian Jenius and with the participation of Fire Bomber.
Macross Chronicle 32: Operation Stargazer

The world guide sheet in Macross Chronicle 32 will discuss the first space war in Macross.
Macross Chronicle 32 World Guide Sheet

Macross Chronicle 32 First Interstellar Space War

Mechanic sheet will feature Luca Angeloni's RVF-25 Messiah
Macross Chronicle 32
Character sheet will also have Luca Angeloni himself.
Macross Chronicle 33 Luca Angeloni

Then there was a sneak peak on Macross Chronicle 33 which was going on sale on Oct 15, 2009.

A character sheet subject in No. 33 will feature Zentradi spies turned defectors, Warera, Loli and Conda. Their names are actually an inside joke by the Macross Creators, if you combine it it forms the exclamatory sentence: We (warera) Lolicon (are p*edoph*iles) da!
Macross Chronicle 33

Mechanic Sheet will feature the ADR-04-MkⅩ Defender from Macross SDF1
ADR-04-MkⅩ Defender from Macross SDF1

Character sheet will have Antares I squadron Leader and VF-27 pilot, Brera Stern.

Brera Stern

Along with that in the Mechanic sheet is his posse, Antares squadron's VF-27 Lucifer, the cannon fodder variant.

Macross Chronicle 33 VF-27 Lucifer Antares Squadron

The Technology Ship will feature the immigrant ships of the Macross Expeditions

Macross Expedition

Mechanic Sheet will also have the flag ship of SMS, the Macross Quarter.

Macross Chronicle 33 Macross Quarter

Then there is the VF-5000 Star Mirage from Macross 7 Dynamite


Then there is a feature on the Zolan Patrol forces that safeguard the space whales in Macross 7 Dynamite

Macross Chronicle 33 Zolan Patrol Force

You can actually order the Macross Chronicles from HLJ.