Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HLJ's Pay with Paypal get Free Shipment Promo valid till Sept 28, 2009

HLJ's Pay with Paypal get Free Shipment Promo valid till Sept 28, 2009Just saw this on Hobby Link Japan's website. They have a promo running till Sept 28, 2009 (7 days to go!) wherein if you pay your item via Paypal and agree with a Paypal Billing Agreement between you and HLJ, you get free express shipping on your item. You will initially be charged for the shipping then after a few days HLJ will credit the money back to your Paypal account. Its Silver Week right now in Japan and they also announced that they won't be back till the 24th, so I guess there might be a delay in the processing of your order.


  • Place an order or orders between now and midnight (JST) on September 28, 2009

  • During checkout, set up a PayPal Billing Agreement (our checkout system has been modified to let you do this). Even if you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can set that up during checkout, too!

  • During that process, agree to pay for your order using the Billing Agreement

  • Enjoy totally free express shipping!

Additional Terms and Conditions for this promo

  • Campaign is valid only for orders placed and paid for between now and 11:59:59pm (JST; GMT+9) on September 28, 2009

  • Only items shippable during the campaign period will be eligible for free shipping. Orders placed for back ordered or future release items will be shipped (without free shipping) when they become available, as normal.

  • All in-stock and shippable items from your order(s) will be automatically shipped immediately after the campaign ends on September 28 in order to insure that you get free shipping.

  • Important: Your PayPal billing agreement will initially be charged for the cost of the merchandise AND shipping. The cost of shipping will then be refunded to your account in one or two business days.

  • Orders shipped for free under this campaign will be shipped via Federal Express or postal service EMS, at HLJ's sole discretion.

I'm not sure what the definite difference between paying the normal route and paying with a Billing Agreement is. But from my understanding of the text is that instead of you sending money to HLJ, you are authorizing HLJ to deduct the amount of your purchase from your paypal account. I'm wondering why they can't send you just an invoice instead?, seller protection perhaps?

Too bad I had already used up all my budget this month for my hobby purchases, otherwise I would thought of taking a swipe at some VF Super Packs for the 1/72 VF-25G Messiah that I had bought from HLJ recently. I was originally supposed to have purchased this at Hobby Search Japan but since I found out that they don't sell to my country, that budget went instead to Anime-Export.