Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slashdot Starcraft2 Lead Designer Interview

Slashdot Starcraft2 Lead Designer  Interview

At the recent Blizcon convention, Slashdot was able to get some interview time with Starcraft 2's Lead Designer, Dustin Browder. The all important question on the fate of LAN play being disallowed in Starcraft 2 was answered by this statement:

These are issues that we continue to address as we go forward. Some of these things we have some plans for, but not all of them. It is something that we definitely plan on working on as we go forward to make sure we have things in place to handle every possible user case out there. We just know from WoW that most people can connect online and play. There are some cases out there, some legitimate-use cases — that aren't just people that refuse to buy a modem or are crazy and weird and living in a closet. We want to make sure we are able to support these legitimate-use cases for LAN play and make it accessible to those users, but we're still trying to identify all of those and decide which cases are legitimate and which are not. These are definitely legitimate concerns, and we're certainly looking to address them.

Legitimate use case for LAN play? How about we boycott buying Starcraft 2 if LAN play is not included in the game?

With regards to plans of porting Starcraft2 for consoles in the near future:

For console, we certainly don't have anything that I'm aware of that's going on right now. I'm not saying we wouldn't explore it down the road; it could be a very real possibility

Recent reports have come out that Starcraft2 will be delayed to 2010. Recent released preview video of Starcraft2 Game Play found here.

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