Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Casting Resin

Casting Resin for toys
This is a shot outside of a batch of casted resin in silicone rubber molds that I am working on for the scratch build 1/60 SF-3A Lancer II project. Why is this outside and baking under the sun? well I'm hitting a problem with my resin casting because it seems that the resin sometimes doesn't want to totally dry inside the mold.

Could it be a lack of hardener on my part? could be. But the funny thing is that once its exposed to the atmosphere the thing dries up totally. So I read somewhere that exposing resin to temperature will allow it to harden quickly. So that's why I baked it under the sun.

Of course after I opened up the molds, it was still wet. So it was indeed a lack of hardener. Even with measurement equipment somethings don't work out right. I'm seriously starting to doubt the instructions taught to me in resin casting class.