Monday, July 6, 2009

Scratch Built 1/60 SF-3A Lancer II part 3

Working on the top and bottom rocket boosters right now for the 1/60 SF-3A Lancer II that I am scratch building.

Scratch Built 1/60 SF-3A Lancer II Booster

When I started working on this casted block of plaster of paris I had a hard time sculpting it because as I peeled off the layers it started getting mushier and mushier. Turns out that the block hadn't hardened yet. The practical guy that I am decided to bake it for an hour under the scorching midday sun.

It became hard alright. Maybe too hard as I had to now use even greater force to carve it, resulting in bigger nick's and mistakes on my part. As evidenced by the chips on the sides. But no worries since it can be easily repaired.

Here's a shot of what the finished product is suppossed to look like.
Scratch Built 1/60 SF-3A Lancer II part 3