Saturday, May 23, 2009

VF-1S Delight - Christmas in May

My package from Over Drive Inc arrived yesterday, I rushed immediately to the post office to pick it up. Was planning to write a review on Over Drive Inc's performance afterwards, but for starters I really liked their service. I ordered a VF-1S DYRL from them that was on sale for just $73 and I got a prompt reply from them as well as my item was shipped right away.

Just another addition to my already existing VF-1S collection, will hopefully be able to get a new group shot of the gang with the latest addition.

Haven't been able to get any decent shots in right now, but maybe soon after I get to play around with it. I have to confess that I felt like the day I carried my son for the first time. You want to but you don't want to because your scared to hold it. Then desire gets the best out of you so you take him into your arms and start transforming him, the toy that is and not my son... hehehe