Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sho Hayami on Genesis Climber Mospeada

Sho Hayami / Maximillian Jenius on Genesis Climber Mospeada

Here's an interesting factoid I found out last week. I learned this while watching an episode of Genesis Climber Mospeada. As I was watching the Rainy Boy Episode I noticed that the voice of the main antagonist sounded familiar. True enough when I checked with Show Hayami's file, there it was.

In the Rainy Boy episode, Show plays a character who hunts down and murders fellow soldiers for the Invid. Ray and Hoquet unknowingly befriends him, while Stiq and the rest try to hunt him down.

Show Hayami, the alter ego of Maximillian Jenius, did indeed voice the role of Rainy Boy in Genesis Climber Mospeada. In the Robotech Series, Genesis Climber Mospeada was the last series in the saga.

One of my favorite characters in Macross is Maximillian Jenius. Aside from being an Ace Pilot for UN Spacy, his other accomplishments are: he was the first person to marry a Zentraedi (Milia Fallina-Jenius) that was one of the reasons why the war ended, sired a rockstar (Mylene Flare Jenius) and commanded an Exploration Fleet (Macross 7).