Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Macross Flight Jacket

Macross Flight Jackets
Somehow I'm not surprised that Yamato Toys decided to start selling Macross Flight Jackets. Considering that they already started selling Macross Flight Helmets, so it would be the logical thing to do to start selling these things. Sadly, I don't like the design however. Despite it being modeled after Hikaru Ichijo, with his colors, name tag and Skull Squadron insignia.

It comes in XL, L and M sizes. Its expected to be available by June 2009 and will come with a price tag of about Y32,800 yen. Can't seem to understand though what the 328 Points in the product page means? If whether you need 328 points to purchase or you get 328 points when you purchase? Eh

Comes with a pocket for your favorite music player
Macross Flight Jacket

Inner mesh and opening holes in the underarms so that you can vent *snicker*
Macross Flight Jacket