Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Well that sucks...

TL;DR:Site images might disappear because image hosting going bye bye

So you probably know that this site just recently started back up again. Well this morning there were some problems with the google drive hosting that this site uses to host its image content. Turns out there were duplicate folders created that fudged up the links. Duplicate folders were created due to a PC crash when the power tripped because of our local utility probably doing some repairs.

In the process of diagnosing the problem I found out, that last year Google already announced that they were going to turn off webhosting for Google Drive by the end of August. Well that sucks. I wonder why I only found out about it now? Oh yeah, because I was out of this site for about a year.

Not that I blame Google, it was fun while it lasted and am grateful for the free service. I was planning to get the paid version of Google Drive when I nearly hit my free 15 Gb limit. Hopefully by then I had already found a way for this site to support itself (or die a natural death). Alas that was not meant to be.

This kinda throws a monkey wrench in mech9 because aside from the momentous task of once again transferring the images and changing the image links, I have to look for an affordable site (hopefully free) to host the images.

I might have to seriously think of a way to fund this site...packing up and moving every so often is starting to feel tiring (yeah like this is only the second 2 years)....Bleahhhhh. Then there are the broken links from the last move that I am still fixing. I fixed about 400+ broken links over the weekend, my wrist is still a bit sore from that.

You're probably thinking, but don't you have amazon affiliate links around this site? Nope, had to remove them because of a recently implemented law in the good old US of A which states that you can't market to kids 13 years old and below. You can argue that it's a grey area but I get the point of not marketing to kids because I have a kid myself.

I usually didn't want to bother with how to support this site till I have to because if I can keep expenses down to a minimum to as much as possible, then why not? I'm wary too with taking up offers to host the site for free, because based from my experience, generosity rarely comes without strings attached. Well compared to the problems I had the past few months, this is a beautiful problem to have because, fail or not, it doesn't really affect me as much.

So if this site suddenly goes silent (or the images disappear *snicker*), you know the reason why. Why hello dropbox *kicks the tires*