Saturday, July 4, 2015

So Long WRH54G She Sure Was a Good Router

So Long WRH54G She Sure Was a Good Router

My trusty WRH54G router decided to die two days back. Well not really, it started acting funky by first not recognizing the cable in my desktop, then when I swapped the cable it started working again but then my tablet devices couldn't access the the internet, they could log on to the router but there was no internet connection, weird really. Not to mention that my internet connection seemed to be hiccuping and my tablet devices would always seem to lose their connection intermittently from the router.

There was also that weird thing were in I couldn't access Mech9, I could access any other site except for Mech9. Initially I thought that the site was just down but after checking with the various free site uptime monitoring services and seeing Mech9 up then I knew that there was really something weird going on with the router.

So with that it was time to put the old girl to pasture. Trying to fix it would be a waste of time considering that there was the possibility that it couldn't be fixed and because prices of routers are cheap that it's better to replace it and take advantage of the latest developments in router technology.

Call me sentimental but this old girl has seen the rise of this site and helped facilitate all the changes and data uploads and backups through the years. I bought this router in 2008, when my old WRT54G failed on me after just 4 years. Lesson learned there was to always use a voltage regulator and to turn it Off when not in use (unlike the WRT54G which was left permanently ON 24/7) in order to rest the equipment. I'd like to say that because of that it lasted the 7 years. I don't expect electrical equipment to last long where I'm from because of the high heat and humidity.

Saying goodbye to this router kinda reminds me of that scene in the Apollo 13 when they jettisoned the Aquarius Lunar Module *snicker*.

So long WRH54G and Thanks for all the memories.