Thursday, May 28, 2015

Slowly Getting Back Up on the Saddle

Slowly Getting Back Up on the Saddle

Haven't posted in a while because I was busy with stuff, then last week the inevitable occurred. My six year old PC was already in it's death throes a couple of months before and I thought that before it got worse I better put this cow out to pasture. I never thought I would get sentimental about an operating system but it did happen with Windows XP.

I changed a lot of PC's already but the one constant was the operating system. Last year Microsoft announced that it would no longer be supporting Windows XP and recommended for people to upgrade. True enough when I was scoping for hardware specs there were no drivers for Windows XP. The version of XP I had was the 32-bit kind, so with the recent developments in 64-bit hardware, it would be counterproductive to install a 32-bit operating system in 64-bit hardware.

I had already resolved myself to the fact that I would be letting go of Windows XP and moving to a much newer and safer operating system. But thanks to the wonders of virtualization software, I don't really have to let go of it while taking the step forward. Since I can run XP in sandbox within my new operating system. Sort of like inception, an operating system within an operating system.

Yup I will be doing my work on Mech9 (translating and image formatting) in Windows XP but will do the uploading and blogging in the newer OS. With this I've turned sentimental fooling up a notch. I guess because of all the trials I've been through the past 2 years it's great to have a hobby such as this that taps into happy childhood memories to recharge me and for a short span in time give me bliss. I've always believed that it's small victories like these that give us strength to keep plodding through life's trials.