Monday, October 27, 2014

1968 VW Beetle Restoration Project

Leaves a warm spot in my heart seeing the Willson family restore this old Volkswagen Beetle that was left standing in a farmer's field. Why is this a nostalgia post? Because the Volkswagen Beetle is actually special to me because I learned to drive in one.

Well actually I sucked at driving the Beetle because I could never get that thing in reverse. Unlike normal cars, you had to first press down on the shift knob before it could be slid in reverse. That was one thing I could never master. I was actually jealous with my Dad and Mum who could effortlessly get that transmission in reverse. I remember one time I gave up and just got out of the car and pushed it backward.

Beetle's were quite popular in the farm where my Dad worked because they were rugged and could easily handle the dirt roads that were a staple in farms. Learning to drive was also easy for me since I did it in the rough roads of the farm that were usually devoid of traffic. As long as I didn't drive it in a ditch (which I never did) my parents were cool with me having a go of it by my lonesome. I guess learning to drive also came easy for me since I learned to ride a motorcycle first. Once you know how the manual transmission works then its all downhill from there.

Yep, that Beetle and I made for some awesome memories that I could never forget. If I ever got the chance (and the cash), I would probably love owning a classic Beetle.