Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lufthansa A380 Landing in San Francisco Airport

I was happy to see this video again on Youtube. I remember seeing this originally posted at Reddit, but after a while the original video at Youtube was taken down. This is a video of Lufthansa A380 landing at the San Francisco Airport. Watching this always seems to have a calming effect on me, hence me wanting to watch it whenever I feel stressed out. Talk about 14 minutes of goodness on display.

I've always had an affinity for flight. Always wanted to be a pilot but sadly because of my bad vision that dream slipped away. Then of course there was the prohibitive cost of learning how to fly...hehehe If my vision wasn't so bad I could have gone the cheaper route, which was to join the military then try to get assigned to the Air Force. But yeah, bad vision...

Would be pilots nowadays don't have that obstacle anymore. Because they can always seek to get corrective eye surgery. On most cases anyway it's possible to correct bad vision.

Just making a point again on how reminiscing about the past is a very good way to relieve stress.