Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pacific Rim 2 slated for April 2017 release

A bit of good news for Pacific Rim fans, from the mouth of Director Guillermo del Toro himself. Starting from now till April 2017, will begin the development of a Pacific Rim animated series, continuation of the comic book series as well as the release of the movie of course.

Talk about waking up to some good news. I was watching Pacific Rim last night and I still get the giggles watching the battle scenes between the different Kaijus and Jaegers. What am I expecting from the sequel? Escalation of course. You just have to top the first one and not regress. The first movie was the perfect combination of good design, action scenes, cgi and sound track. That's the perfect recipe for a hit movie or series there for me. Reminds of what Shoji Kawamori does with the Macross movies

The first time I ever noticed the genius of Guillermo del Toro's work was in Blade II, I loved the first Blade series but after seeing the second you can easily tell that he cranked it up a notch. Then there was Hellboy and Hellboy 2, boy was that a great comic adaption also. But never had he tickled my admiration more clearly than when he decided to create a movie that was close to my heart, giant robots (I'm a Godzilla fan but not really that into giant monsters).

Steve Jobs espoused in his biography the importance of the intersection of art and technology. Those who can do that raises their work to an art form. And Guillermo del Toro epitomizes that trait quite well in the field of movie making.

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