Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swiss Army Knife Scissors for Decal Cutting

Swiss Army Knife Scissors for Decal Cutting

Was applying decals to a model kit today and was initially using the small knife that usually comes with the Swiss Army Knife then I realized that I should be using an X-acto knife to cut off the decals instead.

I realized that this was a force of habit for me because as a young boy when I was building model kits I was scared to use a cutter for fear of wounding myself. The muscle control of a 9 year old boy isn't really that good *snicker* The scissors of the Swiss Army Knife was just the right size for cutting around the edges of those small decals compared to your normal size scissors. If ever my son decides to get into model building at a young age, I would let him use a pair of scissors first instead a cutter.

Getting a Swiss Army Knife from my Dad was one of the highlights of my life. It felt like a right of passage nearing manhood, even though I was a good decade off from that when I got it... hehehe. Even though that knife I got was second hand I cherished it like it was brand new. Apart from the knife, what was really important were the memories of the time spent being taught by my Dad how to take care of it; like oiling it so that the movement would be smooth when you unfolded it, as well as how to use a sharpening stone to keep the edge sharp always.