Monday, April 23, 2012

That other hobby

That other hobby

I admit, I've been remiss in posting on this blog. Not that I've grown tired of blogging about mecha and anime, but rather because I've focused more on that other "hobby" I like doing. Which is maintaining my car, well this time it was my Dad's truck. Took up almost all the free time I had during the day, what with tinkering then test driving it trying to fix the problem. Afterwards was too tired already with all the muscle work put in.

The main problem was that the truck was overheating. I tried everything from testing the thermostat, replacing the belts (actually it was the belt tension that was I checking then I saw that the belts were worn already), testing the fan coupling, flushing the radiator but in the end the thing would still overheat.

So after all that it's time to take it to the shop for the real pro's to have a go at it. This weekend mechanic is finally leaving it to the professional mechanics. Mainly because I don't have the tools or the expertise to fix a radiator, water pump or replace a head gasket. Whichever is the problem, I'm hoping its just the radiator though and not the other two.

What does this have to do with nostalgia? Well as usual I can't help but think how great it is to be living in this day and age. Before you really had to go to school or pick up a book in order to learn about car maintenance. Now you can just go on the internet and search for the solutions to your problem (in my case, the specific vehicle) via the answers given by people who have encountered similar problems. The Hive mind at its best.

In terms of collecting, I've realized too that one other thing I'm going to be leaving my son (aside from my collection of toys and knowlege passed on during dinner side chats) whenever I kick the proverbial bucket and hopefully get to that wonderful mansion in the sky that we members of the Abrahamic religions believe in, is my collection of tools. Aside from the collection of manual tools, there are your power tools (actually just a drill) and your odd bits of screws, nuts, bolts and washers. Not all were bought, most of them I got from my Dad when he passed away. Oh, and I also have a vise... hehehe

I've told my wife that now I know that I'm old, because before I liked surveying the toy stores and DVD joints whenever I was in the mall. Now I usually head on to the hardware stores to see what's new or what useful "stuff" I can get for the house.

With each passing day I think I'm gravitating to that place where some men go to when they grow old. They either become like their Dad or Ron Swanson *snicker*
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That other hobby

Update: Truck came back from the shop and Thank God that the problem turned out to be just the radiator. Which was good because if it were the head gasket it would have cost me more because there would be no way to go around a top overhaul of the head block. The guy at the radiator shop showed me the chunks that came out of that radiator and man were they huge.