Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to greet everyone a Happy Easter. Especially to my fellow Christians. In the Christian Calendar it marks the Resurrection of Jesus and because of which it is a very special day for us. Sadly there is no schedule for an Easter Egg hunt earmarked for us for lack of time and able bodies to prepare the event. There is however the yearly gathering of relatives.

This is also the day that I break my almost year long model kit building fast. Call it weird but one of the things I decided to fast on was model kit building. I started it last year after I felt sad because of the tragic events that happened last year, both personally and around the world.

Why I chose to fast on that is because it is what makes me happy and its something I love doing. For us Christians, the purpose of a fast is for spiritual cleansing and for penitence. It teaches us to let go of the materiality and luxuries of this life on earth in order to focus on God. Traditionally food and drink are what Christians fast on, but because of the dynamics of today's world, giving up luxuries as well seems more pertinent to the essence of fasting.

One good thing I love about fasting is that it makes me appreciate more the simple luxuries of life on this earth and teaches me to be grounded. One reason too why I like to abstain on some things on purpose so that I can not go numb with how I enjoy life.