Monday, January 23, 2012

Why I won't eat KFC often

Why I won't eat KFC often

I was having dinner with my family and my wife offered me a piece off my son's Kentucky Fried Chicken meal. To which I declined, my wife of course wondered why I did that considering that she knew I loved eating that fastfood meal. During my birthday and Christmas we usually order a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and I gorge on that chicken for every meal till the bucket is empty.

I told my wife that I'm not eating it because its not a special day today. You might find the logic in that funny but one of the motivations of mine behind that line of thinking is because I don't want to grow numb to that taste of KFC by eating it often.

KFC is such a great childhood memory for me. I remember the first time my mother brought home a bucket of KFC and enjoying that first bite that truly felt like heaven in one's mouth. Back then I didn't know that you had to eat it with the gravy in order to truly experience the taste, despite that the taste of that crunchy skin with that secret recipe was really something to behold.

I remember once during one of my company business trips I had to spend more than 2 months abroad. I was too lazy to cook for myself so I ended up eating out a lot. Often times when I was too tired to look for a decent meal I ended up eating in the McDonald's branch that was walking distance from my place, and that happened often. Once I got back to my home country I was so sick of McDonald's food that I didn't want to eat it anymore. Of course after few months I enjoyed eating McDonald's all over again, which was a relief because I really love eating the food of McDonald's.

Now that's something that I don't want to happen to my love of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, wherein I grow tired of it. I guess the thing I'm driving at is that everything has to be taken in moderation so that it can really be enjoyed.

Oh and the funny thing about Kentucky Fried Chicken, is that it's taste differs slightly from country to country. I had tasted it in Japan and the United States, but I still prefer the one in my home country. I wonder why that is so?