Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Christmas (All Over the World) - Sheena Easton

I heard this song a few days back when I was in the mall walking. The song was part of the Santa Claus: The Movie that came out in 1985. Hearing this song always brings back a feeling of happiness and sadness to me as I remember my Christmas as a child. There are a lot of Christmas songs out there, but this is the one that reminds me of Christmas when I was growing up.

Christmas has always been a mixed bag of extreme emotion for me when I was growing up. If I could put it into words, it was like the joy of feeling the sudden speed of acceleration then the hurt of hitting a wall and coming to a stop.

Extreme happiness came in the form of seeing my family after being away because of schooling (I had to study away from my family for a lack of good schools where my Dad worked), then there were the gifts of course. Sadness came in the form of the holiday being too short and having to leave home again to go back to school. It would usually take two weeks after I got back from vacation that I would stop crying myself to sleep because I missed my family so much.

I always found the Chorus to be so powerful and it was when I heard it that I would remember these past memories.
It's Christmas...all over the world tonight...
It's Christmas...all over the world...

I Thank God that I'm old already and don't have to go through that anymore and by His Blessing my son doesn't have to experience having to be away from his parents for a long time just to get a good education.