Saturday, November 5, 2011

Midlife Crisis - Faith No More

Reconnected with this song, Midlife Crisis by Faith No More, today after a period of annoyance. This has always been a feel-good song for me whenever I feel like the whole world is bearing down on me due to the selfishness and insensitivity of other people. You know?, the ungrateful types who you give an arm to when they need help and they comeback and want your entire body, the car, the house, your kid's college fund, your pension, etc.

I think its because you can sing this song while growling that gives your body the chance to vent that feeling of immobilizing frustration. Also to stop you from ripping their arms off from their sockets and beating them over the head with it to drive forward the point what really you think about their shallow first world problems. *snicker* Too bad the band broke up already.