Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Long Steve Jobs

So Long Steve Jobs

The internet is awash today with the news that Steve Jobs had passed away at the age of 56 after a very long bout with cancer. Steve Jobs, together with Steve Wozniak, helped build the first successfully mass produced Personal Computer that ushered in the personal computing age.

My Dad bought our very first PC in the 80's, it was an Apple ][e, at such an exorbitant cost he made that investment because he wanted his kids to have a head start in the Digital Age. My very first program run on that computer was called "Apple presents Apple" which was a tutorial on how to use the basic features of that computer. I can't remember anymore the amount of computer cycles I've spent on that PC playing games or doing homework (writing reports, etc.)

Most importantly also, he was the driving force between Pixar that redefined the way we view cartoons today. Bringing us such ground breaking and thought provoking digital films such as Toy Story, Wall-E and Up.

Steve Jobs creations helped craft my childhood and because of that I will always be grateful. Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs.