Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Model Kit Painting Basics with Scott Hards

A few days back HobbyLink TV posted part two of HobbyLink Japan's Big Boss, Scott Hards, build of the Lexus LFA model kit. This time touching on painting the model kit.

Little did I know that this was going to be a pretty darn good intro into the painting basics for coloring a model kit. The video runs for 8 minutes and details pretty much what you need to know to start hand painting using water based acrylic paints as well as spraying paint on with lacquer based paints.

There is an old saying that the key to communicating is brevity and I have to tip my hat off to the folks who wrote up this segment because in 8 minutes and 7 seconds they neatly packed in the message they wanted to convey, using the correct amount of script, scenery and camera angle changes, visuals and action sequences, nothing more, nothing less. Not that I'm saying that a long video is not to be desired *snicker*

I've had a keen interest in noticing the amount of detail and variety placed in film production lately after watching this video courtesy of reddit.

The above segment by Charlie Brooker might be funny and sarcastic, but through which I've learned to respect the value of good editing and camera angles to keep a person from being bored and to keep him glued to the show.