Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Innovative way of starting a Car with a Dead Battery

Saw this in youtube. Quite a novel idea and will be quite useful if you get stuck somewhere and left to your lonesome. Though I can't understand why they didn't just push it? Considering that they were 3 persons there (one was holding the camera)? Then again if they did that I guess we wouldn't have been able to learn about this technique...hehehe I'm assuming that this is a stick shift and not one with an automatic transmission.

Judging from the video it looks like a rope (or plastic twine?) was wrapped around the tire then pulled. Only one tire was jacked up so that the differential wouldn't just turn the other tire instead of cranking the engine. If you are planning to do this be sure to chock the rear wheels so that it won't move the car.

Another thing to worry about is the force that could push the car forward or back because of the pulling action on the rope, this could result in the jack toppling over. So be sure that what you have holding up the car is stable enough to not topple over.

Becareful also to not get hit by the rope thats twirling around once the engine catches on.