Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What are the odds?

What are the odds?

I started collecting toys and model kits again as an adult because I wanted to reconnect with my childhood, what I didn't expect however was to reconnect with an old pet.

My family recently acquired a new dog, instead of getting one with a pedigree we decided to get a mixed breed mongrel. While sifting through some childhood photos of mine my wife was surprised to see that our new dog resembled a lot the first dog I ever had as a pet. When she pointed this out to me I was immediately floored by the resemblance.

My family has always been a dog loving family, there was never a time that our house was absent of one. Dogs for me are the most loyal and trust worthy beast of burden that God had put on this planet for man. Every time I go out of our house, even for just a few minutes, the minute I step back in I'm greeted by our dogs, wagging their tails and happy to see me. Its like they hadn't seen me for months. Now that's love.