Monday, September 12, 2011


I can't believe I finally found this game whose name I forgot. The game is titled Flashback and was made by Delphine Software. This game came out in 1992. I've been looking for this game for such a long time already.

In it you play a character who has lost his memory and you have to solve clues and perform tasks in order to achieve your goal of regaining your memory and saving the world.

You might say that it looks rudimentary but at that time the graphics was what you could consider as advanced. Considering the hardware limitations at that time, the ability of the developer to push the boundary of that in order to create a something that is visually stunning and entertaining is truly amazing.

I just love the age we are living in right now, wherein information is literally at your fingertips, one has but have to be diligent enough in using a search engine to find what it is what you are looking for.

And one other thing that's great about living in this day and age is that thanks to Youtube I don't have to play the entire game just to find out how it ended. I just looked up the gameplay video at youtube and just watched a user finish the game for me...hehehe

Which is basically what the nostalgia portion of this site is mostly about, me reconnecting with the great times or items from my past. The main reason I was looking for the game was because I wanted to see what the story of the game was about and how it ended. I never got to finish the game because I got stuck in level 2 trying to figure out how to stop the reactor from blowing up. Yep, in that day and age we didn't have the internet where we could easily look up strategy guides...hehehe.