Saturday, May 7, 2011

Culture Japan Season 1 Episodes Online

Culture Japan Season 1 Episodes Online

Danny Choo announced that Season 1 episodes of his show, Culture Japan, are now online at crunchyroll.

Haven't watched most of it but I was laughing my ass off at the second episode where Danny Choo goes to Edo Wonderland to learn how to become a ninja. I was laughing a lot at the part where they were teaching him how to throw a shuriken. That leader ninja should become a comic as he really has a talent for making people laugh.

I think it helps a lot if you can understand some Japanese as there are humorous scenes that become more funnier when you understand the distinct language nuances. But that's just what I think.

I remember my Japanese language teacher telling me that if you can tell a joke in Japanese and make a Japanese person laugh, then your level of speaking is already improving. That's why we had one session where we translated jokes from our native language to Japanese and tried to make our teacher laugh.

I noticed that some episodes aren't available right away for free users but will be at a later date. If you have a pro-account at Crunchyroll however, you can get to watch the entire season 1 immediately. The episodes are 30 minutes in length. From what I remember, Danny Choo said that the 30 minute episodes were the ones shown in Japan, while the hour length ones are the ones shown overseas with English dubs. That's probably the reason why some segments didn't have any subtitles on it with the videos on crunchyroll.