Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Sunday

Just wanted to greet everybody a Happy Easter Sunday. Christians like me consider this one of the most important days of the year as it signifies the day that Jesus rose from the dead after his Crucifixion in order to save mankind.

While growing up this brought many great memories for me. Usually after the Sunday Service the entire family would meet up at a designated relative's house for more post service activities. Which usually meant partaking in an Easter Egg hunt as well as a sumptuous banquet as we celebrated this significant day in our Christian Calendar. This was also a chance for the family to meet up again and renew ties.

Prior to Sunday some of the family members would gather on the Saturday to prepare the Eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. This was a traditional activity for us as well. Here we kids could exercise our painting skills by painting the piping hot hard boiled eggs with water color paint. The following day, while we kids were at Church, the adults would hide the eggs in our garden in some very crafty places.

Each egg had a corresponding prize value that would be redeemed at the end of the hunt. Prizes of course were contributed and determined by the adults. To make it fair, there were designated areas within the garden that you could search for eggs in depending in your age bracket. The older kids got the difficult hiding places while the toddlers had the easy finds.

Now of course its the nieces and nephews who are doing this. I get kinda nostalgic seeing my son and his cousins painting the eggs and a little sad as well. It's the shocking reality that life is passing me by and that this is the changing of the guard. I hope this small tradition in our family gets passed along to the next generation like how my parents, uncles and aunts passed this to me and my cousins.

Of course, for us Christians, one musn't forget that the Easter Egg hunt is just gravy as the true meaning of the day is in the Resurrection of Jesus, bringing with Him the Salvation He promised.