Monday, February 7, 2011

Storage Part II

Storage II

Continuing from my previous post. So I visited another glass shop to inquire about how much it would cost to have a display case fabricated. I have to say that the prospects have become more dim. For a 3ft by 6ft glass and aluminum case it would cost me about $230. Whoa! "Kids" are going to have to stay in the cabinet for a little while longer till I figure things out.

But the great thing about this problem is that it gets me to thinking about other alternatives. My other alternative is to use shelves instead. The problem however with shelves it that the figures might topple over if ever there is an earthquake and tremors happen often where I live. I was thinking of tying nylon strings to my figures and toys to prevent them from toppling over. Well, just one of the scenarios I was thinking till I can think of something much better up.

Speaking of display cases, Dalong has a mean rack of display cases filled with gunpla related stuff.