Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scanning Photo Albums

Scanning Photo Albums

I just love this century were living in because of the technological advancements. One of which is the scanner. Before I remembered that scanners were very expensive, now almost anybody can have one at the fraction of the price of the originals that came out. One of the most nifty uses for the scanner is in digitizing old photo albums.

Now you don't have to worry about your photos ever fading or being accidentally damaged. I always said that if I had time I would scan all our photo albums. Just last month my wife's cousin gave her a CD of all their family's photos which the entire clan worked hard to amass from each family. I don't envy the cousin who had to scan all those pictures though *snicker* After seeing all the pictures, that was all the incentive I needed to get myself cracking on that promise.

Funny, after looking at all the old photos I realized that I really didn't have that much photos as a child growing up. Then I realized that I was comparing it to the volume of pictures that I have now of our family. Now, when you take a picture it doesn't cost as much in having to buy film and having it developed because of the advent of digital cameras. One more reason why I love this century we're living it.

Let me not forget also to thank the DVD burner that will do the yeoman's job of transferring all those cherished memories for storage in plastic.

Because of this endeavor however, I've had no time to work on Gunpla. Then of course I woke up late so it was night time already and I didn't want to paint outside in the dark *snicker*