GI Joe Tunnel Rat Figure

GI Joe Tunnel Rat

Tunnel Rat was part of the 1987 GI Joe Real American Hero toy line up of Hasbro. He had the designation of being the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) of the GI Joe team. Makes me wonder however why he seems to be equipped to install bombs rather than to dispose of them *snicker*

GI Joe Tunnel Rat
My friend, who taught me how to repair broken GI Joe figures told me that he liked to swap the parts of GI Joe figures in order to build even cooler looking ones. So what I did before was to swap the feet of Bazooka with Tunnel Rat to make Tunnel Rat more cooler. Of course now I put them back to the way they should be… hehehe
GI Joe Tunnel Rat

GI Joe Tunnel Rat

GI Joe Tunnel Rat

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