Revoltech OVA Getter 1 Figure

I like this figure primarily for its playability and better design than the one shown in the movie. In the OVA the artists would somehow draw the Getter 1 with a beer belly, I don’t know if this was unintentional but as a Getter fan I always thought that this was a bastardization of the series because I always believed that Go Nagai designed his robots to have physique’s similar to their pilots.

Ryoma was the good looking, muscular hero type so naturally he had Getter 1. Hayato was the thin, analytical and brooding one, so he had the fastest and aerodynamic Getter 2. While Musashi of Getter 3 was the slow, muscular but gentle one.

I’d definitely recommend this toy to a child because it’s not as fragile as how some Japanese toy companies make their toys nowadays. In fairness, they sacrifice playability for authenticity of their pieces. Care however has to be taken when playing with this toy because of the small accessories and because that some joint pieces pop out easily by design. Take the arms for example.

The Revoltech Getter 1 Figure was bought at Hobby Link Japan during a Sale, got it for 50% off, yahoo!

Revoltech OVA Getter 1 Figure shoulder joints pop out


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