Sunday, May 27, 2012

NBA Basketball Cards

Basketball Cards

Funny, for a guy like me, who has not one athletic bone in his body, was once a collector of basketball cards. It happened due to my ex-girlfriend who was a basketball fan, her enthusiasm for the game rubbed off so much that my appreciation to the game blossomed in to being a collector of NBA basketball cards. During that span of time the decks I liked were Upper Deck and Fleer's Ultra. Chiefly because I liked the quality of the basketball cards that they put out. This hobby however didn't last long as it ran only for about 2 years.

Basketball Cards

During the 90's I was a Chicago Bull's fan, but then again, who wasn't? Aside from being a Bulls fan, I was also a Pacers fan, it all started in 1994 when I saw the Pacers beat a Shaquille O'neal led Orlando Magics. With that I became a Reggie Miller fan and was truly blown away with his performance in this one game against the New York Knicks, where he scored 8 points in a span of nine seconds.

Another player whose cards I collected was Robert Horry. Robert Horry started as an unheralded player of the Houston Rockets but ended it as a storied player of the San Antonio Spurs. He was no star player but he did his job well and was rewarded with 7 championship rings while playing for 3 different teams.

What really made me admire him was quickness, shot blocking and ability to hit the Big 3 point shots during crunchtime. One image of Robert Horry that I can't forget was where instead of blocking the shot of a driving player he grabbed the ball out of his hands in mid dunk while in mid-air. I don't know if that was counted as a steal or a block.

Basketball Cards

You'll probably notice by now that I didn't make an exerted effort to collect marquee players. That's because I collected the players that I liked and not who was popular or whose cards had a high resale value. Although I hardly watch professional basketball anymore, its nice to look back at that time in my life where I was interested in collecting sports cards. One other valuable thing that I got during this phase in my life when I was into sports was this very profound quote:

Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong