Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sale on Macross Toys, Figures & Model Kits Announced at HobbyLink Japan

Sale on Macross Toys Announced at HobbyLink Japan

Announced today at HobbyLink Japan was a sale on Macross Toys, Figures and Model kits. Macross Products from such companies as Bandai, Banpresto, Cospa, Doyusha, Gourmandise, Hasegawa, JVC Entertainment, Kaiyodo, Wave, and Yamato are included in the sale. Sale will last till 6PM of November 17, 2011 JST.

If you are partaking of this sale in order to buy a gift for someone for Christmas I'd suggest taking into consideration the shipment method because if you choose the wrong one it might not get there on time. Also, since its going to be the Christmas season already, stuff might run out of the shelf more quickly. So taking too long to buy something, you might end up with nothing. Happened to me already before, made me realize the hard way never to underestimate the demand during the Christmas season. That's why I did my Christmas shopping on September...hahaha

One toy that I've always been at awe at is the 1/60 HDP Regult Kit from Yamato Toys that HobbyLink Japan is selling. Thanks to the sale its at 20% off, despite that however the 30,400 yen discounted price is still astronomical for my pay grade. I wish Yamato Toys would already mass produce this toy so that the price would go down already....hehehe