Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's in the Bag you say?

What's in the Bag you say?-How to hide presents from Children

What's in the Bag you say? My son's presents. His Birthday is a couple of months away but my wife and I already planned ahead by buying this early the toys he wants. As a just-started-schooling kid his toys have started to become expensive.

So one reason also why we like to plan ahead is so that we can save up for the toy he wants, and of course so that we can take advantage of sale season where brand item toys are at half the price because stores are making room for their Christmas inventory. It pays too that whenever we pass by the mall my wife and I always stake out the toy stores so that we can see the price of the toys.

With our son, my wife and I won't be playing the guessing game. Instead we ask him what toy he wants for his gift. That way we can maximize the "joy" in his face once he opens up his presents.

One side of the present shopping game that is getting complicated is hiding the presents. Like you see in the picture above I had to become creative this time and hide it inside a black garbage bag.

As he grows older we soon start this age-old-tradition of playing hide-and-seek with our presents. Hiding it in the trunk of the car all the time won't work because we need that space when we use that car. My parents did it well by declaring battle lines in the house. Like nobody was allowed to touch their cabinets because they said it contained "confidential" stuff that kids weren't allowed to see. The Christmas tree however was neutral grounds, you could look at the wrapped presents and even try to peek in the sides but weren't allowed to open it till the strike of 12 on Christmas Day. Boy those were good times.

My wife and I sometimes debate on whether its Ok to give him expensive toys (like Takara-Tomy Transformers!), since we worry that it will spoil him. I'm reassured however by the fact that I can always call upon experience to aide me with what to do.

Back when I was a kid my parents would always gift me with the second most expensive toy in the toy line for my birthday or for Christmas, and I seemed to have turned out Ok. I console myself by thinking that it will be the guidance he gets from his parents and his Christian grounding that will determine what kind of person he will be when he grows up, and not the price of the toys he got when he was growing up.