Friday, August 19, 2011

Real Time Weather Conditions and Forecast at Google Maps

Google Maps just announced that they are incorporating weather information into Google Maps. I just tried it out by looking up my area and found out that the weather is more or less the same (the temperature and weather condition). So what does this information have to do with this site?

Well, from a modelers perspective the Relative Humidity information will come in handy if you are planning to paint your model kit. Based from my experience, too high relative humidity and it mucks up painting. But then, what works for my area might not work for your area. Best to try it out for yourself on which Relative Humidity value is acceptable for painting model kits in your area.

One other feature that is useful for me is the 4 day forecast. Because I paint model kits outside, it can give me an idea of what kind of weather I will be having in the next 4 days. That way I can judge whether it would be good to start painting or not since aside from painting, the weather has to be ideal for drying and hardening the paint in the model kit I'm working on.

Thank You Google Maps Team for another amazing feature!