Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heron Rescue

Heron Rescue

It happened again! Two days ago while going for a stroll my wife and son saw a baby heron hopping along the road where stray cats frequented. To save it from being some feline's dinner they brought it home so that we could bring it to the zoo for adoption then eventual release.

Heron Rescue

The following day I set off on my car and brought it to the zoo for adoption. I suddenly remembered to take a picture of it, albeit not really clear photos as I was taking its picture through the dog carrier cage we put it in.

While talking to the veterinarian in charge I learned a lot about this particular bird. He said that they nest on the ground and not in trees that we previously thought they nested in. Probably the main reason we saw it hoping around. I also mentioned to the vet that it didn't drink any water and eat any food which we tried to give it, he said that it was most likely still in shock from the experience of being caught and placed in unnatural surroundings. The bird we caught was also a juvenile and although much bigger and older than the one we previously rescued it still wasn't capable of flight and would be easy prey to the stray cats. Makes me understand now why the stray cats around our parts area always so plump, who wouldn't grow fat feasting on baby herons?

I also asked about the other heron we gave to them a few months back and he said that it was doing well and in the recovery area. Glad to know that it survived!

And of course the other good news is that this time I got 2 months free passes to the zoo... much better than the one month pass we got... hehehe.

One of the errands I did for that day was to go to the Auto dealer to buy some spare parts for my car. While making conversation with the parts section guys I mentioned that I just came from the zoo where I got free passes for donating a bird. The guy was surprised that I my passes lasted only that long, because his passes lasted 3 months. When we asked him what he donated, he said he donated a crocodile... and we kidded him that that's probably the reason why his passes were that long. No way am I going to stick my neck out to capture a crocodile for donation *snicker*