Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shapeways starts shipping locally in the US

Shapeways starts shipping locally in the USHere's some welcome news from the Shapeways blog for people living in the United States. An announcement that they started shipping locally in the United States from the city of New York. I guess that means that they already have a set of 3D printers there to print out your 3D models The benefit of this is that if you are living in the United States and order to have your 3D model printed out at Shapeways you don't have to pay import duties and extra shipment charges charges.

One thing that has still to be verified though is if the 3D printers at Shapeways New York can print out in all material formats that they currently offer and if whether they can handle the volume of products being printed in the United States. I guess if the volume is too much they still have their original facilities in the Netherlands to shift 3D printing production out to.