Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Battlefield

The Battlefield

I posted a while back about "the drainage" that I liked to use my imagination on when I was a young child. Today I'd like to post about our lawn in our old house that I spent a lot of time playing on with my toys.

A very special lady came to visit me and my wife for a week and we went to take her around the old places. She's special to us because she helped raise me when I was a young boy and because of which my other siblings and I treat her like our own mother. Since I knew the person currently residing in our old house we went to visit and asked if we could have a look around without actually having to go in the house of course.

Seeing the old lawn brought back wonderful memories of playing with my GI Joe's and other toys. The house is located on the top of the large lawn and I used to play with my GI Joe's near there.

I used to fantasize that my GI Joe base was located on top of the hill and Cobra forces were trying to overrun us from below. In a nutshell it was like the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.

The lawn is quite different now, before there used to be a line of small tree like looking plants planted in rows at the top and it was in between there that I would dig small fox holes and position my GI Joe's along the tree line. Cobra toys of course were located below trying to attack at a disadvantage.

Aside from GI Joes, my brother used to play with his plastic farm animal toys on one side of this lawn while I played with a 1/48 B-25 Mitchell by Monogram on the other side. This lawn also played host to the countless outdoor campings my siblings, cousins and I had. Around the lawn, some fruit trees were planted and my family and I spent a number of times at the base of the lawn just having conversation and feasting on the fruits of the harvest. Great memories indeed.

The old lawn looked much better then with golf course like grass, not this dribble of weeds that now run amok at the old lawn. Life moves on but the good thing is that I am left with the memories.