Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jim Henson's: The Storyteller

I sure miss Jim Henson's: The Storyteller, which was a live action tv series with puppets that came out in 1988. The show centered on an aged and wised story teller played by John Hurt along with his very talkative dog, who of course told stories and played narrator for the show, which were then animated into puppets by Jim Henson and his crew.

The themes were a bit more mature and dark than the regular sesame street and muppets shows produced by Jim Henson, but it was still entertaining as the topics usually touched on legends and fairy tales.

It lasted for only 2 seasons having 13 episodes in all. What is interesting to note is that famed director, the late Anthony Minghella, served as a writer and creative force on the show.

The first episode, the The Soldier and Death is one of my favorites and was very happy to have found it on youtube. You can see it continued here in Part II and Part III.

I suggest going out to buy your own copy because youtube might eventually take it down. Sad really, that Jim Henson was taken away so soon.