Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Of Bottle Cap holders and Pins

Coke Bottle Cap Holder and Pin
Yesterday I saw these two items again in my old toy chest while I was looking around. With reverence I placed them in my display case. This is a bottle cap holder and a free pin from a Coke promo that came with the bottled drink that I bought in a convenience store in Japan. If I remember correctly it was a promotional item for the Dinosaur movie that was showing at that time in the country.

Coke Bottle Cap Holder and Pin

So what was the significance of the said items that they merit a place in my already overcrowded display case? Well my company had sent me off in a business trip at that time and the day before that I got the news that my father had already passed away. During lunch time I bought that softdrink and a bento in a convenience store. I was twiddling with that in my hands in my hotel room as I mourned the passing of my Dad.

My Dad and I never really had a great relationship growing up, we never had a meaningful conversation as we always had nothing to talk about due to lack of interest in what each other was doing. It was only when I reached college that we had started getting along well as we could finally talk in a level that engaged us both.

Despite that and the short time we had, I Thank God for having him as my Dad as well as the span of time we got to know each other better because it was there I felt the love and approval of a father that every child longs for.