Sunday, April 17, 2011

1/200 Destroid Monster English Manual & Color Guide

Bandai Imai 1/200 Destroid Monster HWR-00-MKII English Translated Color Guide & Manual

When Bandai announced last year that they had purchased the original molds of Imai and were planning to reprint their line of Macross kits, a legion of fans like me rejoiced. If you wanted kits like these you had to employ a ton of patience in waiting while searching the inner bowels of the hobby section of ebay.

The Destroid Monster was one of the support ground forces in Macross SDF and functioned mostly as an artillery and for heavy saturation of a target area. Why I like this particular mecha is because of its unique design and its massive size. If you are adept with google, you can see scratch built Destroid Monsters in larger scales than the Imai 1/200 Monster.

Another kit that I would like Yamato Toys to take a shot of is a Destroid Monster in 1/60 scale, regardless of the price I think a ton of people will take a bite of this, given the quality and attention to detail reputation that Yamato Toys has.

The 1/200 Destroid Monster HWR-00-MKII is selling for $$$ at Amazon, 1450 yen at Amiami, 2000 yen at HobbyLink Japan, 1700 yen at Hobby Search

I have my doubts as to the black green part of the color guide, it says that its color is 100% green. There is no logic to calling something black green when its color is just plain green. I'm assuming that there has to be some element of black put in the real color like the khaki green color. Kindly use at your own risk. Color Guide & Manual for the 1/200 Destroid Monster was translated to English from the Manual and Color Guide posted at Hobby Search

Color Guide DescriptionPaint Ratios
black green partGreen (H6)(100%)
blue gray partRLM75 Gray Violet/RLM 75 Gray (H69)(75%) + Medium Blue/Intermediate Blue (H56)(25%)
khaki green partKhaki Green (H80)(75%) + Green (H6)(25%)
other colors usedWhite (H1)
other colors usedRed (H3)
other colors usedSilver (H8)
other colors usedFlourescent Orange (C173)

Paints Used & Paint Conversion Equivalents:

Aqueous Hobby ColorMr. ColorTamiyaVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirAMMO by Mig JimenezAK Real ColorHatakaRevell EnamelHumbrol EnamelModel Master EnamelLife ColorItaleri
Green (H6)Green (C6)Green (X5)Black Green (70.980)--------sea green (solid matt) (32162)Brunswick Green (Gloss) (3)------
RLM75 Gray Violet/RLM 75 Gray (H69)RLM75 Gray Violet (C37)Dark Gray (XF24)Basalt Grey (70.869)Grey Violet RLM75 (71.259)GRAUVIOLETT (A.MIG-0254)RLM 75 (RC279)Grey-Violet (HTK-_007)dark grey (solid silk matt) (32378)Extra Dark Sea Grey (Satin) (123)Grauviolett RLM75 (SG) (2085)Grauviolett RLM 75 (UA508)--
Medium Blue/Intermediate Blue (H56)Intermediate Blue/Medium Blue (C72)Medium Blue (XF18)Intermediate Blue (70.903)Intermediate Blue (71.299)FRENCH BLUE (A.MIG-0062)Intermediate Blue (RC235)Intermediate Blue (HTK-_027)Greyish Blue (solid matt) (32179)Intermediate Blue (Matte) (144)Intermediate Blue FS35164 (1720)Non Specular Intermediate Blue FS 35164 (UA045)--
Khaki Green (H80)Khaki Green (C54)Nato Green (XF67)--NATO Green (71.093)NATO GREEN (A.MIG-0084)NATO Green (RC080)NATO Green (HTK-_152)----Tricolor Green NATO (SG) (2173)Green FS34094 (UA303)--
White (H1)White (C1)White (X2)Gloss White (70.842)--SATIN WHITE (A.MIG-0047)----white (solid gloss) (32104)White (Gloss) (22)----Gloss White (4696AP)
Red (H3)Red (C3)Red (X7)Carmine Red (70.908)Red RLM23 (71.003)RED (A.MIG-0049)--Traffic Red (HTK-_103)fiery red (solid matt) (32131)Bright Red (Gloss) (19)------
Silver (H8)Silver (C8)Flat Aluminium (XF16)Silver (Metallic) (70.997)Silver RLM01 (Metallic) (71.063)MATT ALUMINUM (A.MIG-0194)Aluminium (Metallic) (RC020)--sliver (solid metallic) (32190)Silver (metallic) (11)Aluminum (F) (1781)Matt Natural Metal FS37178 (LC24)Metal. Gloss Silver (4678AP)
--Flourescent Orange (C173)----------------------

Bandai Imai 1/200 Destroid Monster HWR-00-MKII English Translated Color Guide & Manual Bandai Imai 1/200 Destroid Monster HWR-00-MKII English Translated Color Guide & Manual