Thursday, February 10, 2011

This site grew...

+50 pixels

by 50 pixels... in width that is *snicker*

Been meaning to expand the template width of this site by 50px in order to accomodate 640 px images. How'd I come up with the 640px? Well actually I didn't, two of flickr's default resizing of an uploaded 1600px image is 500px and 640px. It wouldn't fit in the blog's posts because the current content width is up to 600px only, while 500px just seems too small nowadays.

Technically you could resize the image directly to 600px before uploading to flickr in order to circumvent this, but its such a time waster if you are uploading a lot of pictures. The easiest thing to do would be to just modify the template.

As a backgrounder, some of the images of this site are uploaded to flickr. That way I can save on server space and server CPU cycles as the usually processor and memory intensive task serving images on the web is done by flickr. And its quicker to upload to flickr too because of the Flickr Uploadr software that they have.